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Newport, Rhode Island

Laura Blanc Jewelry is a Newport, RI based jewelry design studio. We make sterling and gold jewelry inspired by the textures and shapes of the natural world around us. 

risd portfolios

Here is a selection of past work, created from 2005-2009, while attending RISD and studying abroad in Germany.


My work deals with the interpretation of disease transmission as applied to jewelry & the wearable object. Jewelry is often bought, given as a gift, passed down through generations, or borrowed for a special occasion. It is always a vehicle for contact. I find parallels in both how disease & jewelry are distributed in the world & I try to relay this in my making. A person in contact with an infected person or object will pick up the disease & in turn become another way for the virus to spread. This cycle continues as more people are affected. Jewelry has similar spreading capabilities. By nature it is close to the body & frequently touched, becoming the perfect vehicle to spread disease. With clean simplistic forms I create pieces that evoke references of lab equipment. Through the interaction of a person wearing a piece, that person becomes infected with my jewelry; & through the wearers interactions with others, the jewelry spreads - leaving its mark. 

RISD Portfolio : 2006 - 2009

Here is an assortment of pieces from my school years, most of the pieces are geared towards leaning a new technique.